What is Slow Beauty?

In the last couple of years, the cosmetic industry has been all about "Fast Beauty".  Mainstream brands mad dash to be the first ones to come out with the next biggest, trendiest product.   This is a great method for brands that need to constantly offer up new products to save their space on shelves or for "the gram" to show off the latest eye color and lip gloss.  Fast Beauty is not so great when you want a sustainable brand that is of high quality, full of natural ingredients, has minimal chemicals and produces less waste.  

On the opposite end there are consumers seeking "Zero Waste".  The journey to minimize the impact you have on the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and living only off of a jar of waste.  Going completely zero waste takes a lot of commitment and sometimes is not practical.  To balance out work, life and kids, sometimes you just need to order take out and simply have things delivered to your door.

Slow Beauty takes inspiration from the Zero Waste journey to live a slower, simpler, more sustainable life.   It's completely opposite of Fast Beauty.  It's thinking about what you really need from a product and what ingredients should go into the formula and using this mindset as we make all our products.   

Slow Beauty is consuming less and doing more.   Making more sustainable choices and implementing small changes that is better for you family and the environment.  But also taking time for some self-care.  Slowing down a bit and appreciating the beauty around you.  If we take a little more care of what we put on our skin and the world around us, we could really make some positive change. 


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