Cosmetic Science. What is an Emulsifier?

A cream is a water in oil or oil in water solution that has been blended together with the help of a mixing agent called an emulsifier.  Naturally, oil and water don't mix.  Emulsifiers have a water-loving and an oil-loving side to it that helps to attract and bind the two phases.   

A traditional cream requires to heat both phases to a high temperature to ensure all solid ingredients melt then you combine one phase into the other while mixing.   It takes quite a lot of energy to heat and mix.   Most conventional creams are made this way.  There are a lot of different types of emulsifiers on the market.  Some are 100% chemical and others are 100% natural.  

A common mix of emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers is cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20 and cetyl alcohol .  These are all very common, safe cosmetic ingredients that keep the cream stable.

I've tried all kinds of emulsifiers and still looking for the right one.  Email if you are interested in testing out some of our formulas that are in the works.  Until supplies last.


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