Zero Waste: re-purpose your unused lipsticks into DIY Lip Balms

I love lip balms and glosses.  I created one in the lab that has a nice moisturizing slip to it.  It's great for nourishing you're dry, cracked lips.  I find they are so much more nourishing than regular lipstick, which can be very drying to the lips.  

Sometimes I do miss wearing color.  Lip balms just don't have the colors I'm looking for, so I found an easy way to make my own using an unused or half-used lipstick lying around the house (I have way too many of those).  You know the ones I'm talking love the color, but don't like the actual base.  The ones that are too matte or drying for your lips.  In this case, I like to mix up my own colored nourishing lip balms so they don't go to waste.  

All you will need is some plant-based oils, butters and beeswax (or plant-based wax if you need it to be vegan) to do this easy recipe at home.  

What you will need:

3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil

0.5 tablespoon of wax

1 teaspoon of shea butter

2 drops of essential of of spearmint or peppermint (optional - if you want to add some flavor or scent)

1/4 tube of colored lipstick (optional - if you want to add some color)

Empty lip balm or jar

Makes 2 jars to share with a friend

What to do:

Combine the oils and wax in a microwave-safe glass bowl, just until the wax is melted.  I like to check every 10 seconds until everything is melted.  It usually takes about a minute.  Remove from microwave when the wax has melted.

If you would like to add some color to your balm, add some of the lipstick while the mixture is still hot.  Stir the mixture as it cools to ensure your mix is well-blended.

If you would like to add some flavor, add the essential oil once the mixture has slightly cooled and stir thoroughly.

Pour into the containers and let the mix harden as it cools. I put it straight into the freezer for an hour or so. 






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