How do I use plant based Face Oils?

Almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil are just a few plant-based oils that can be used to moisturize the skin.  These nutritional oils provide essential fatty acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients to the skin.  Some are light oils and some are heavier.

The lighter oils, like grape seed oil, are non-greasy and excellent for normal to oily skin.  Heavier oils, like avocado oil, are great for dry skin and even dry, damaged hair.  

Plant-based oils can be cold-pressed, which helps to preserve their nurturing qualities.  You can use them pure on your face, body or hair.  Blend them together to provide all the nutrients your skin needs to stay soft and healthy.

Try these combinations:

For Dry Skin

1 part jojoba + 1 part avocado 

For Glowing Skin

1 part apricot + 1 part jojoba + 1 part grape seed

For Oily Skin

1 part jojoba + 1 part grape seed 

For Normal Skin

1 part almond + 1 part jojoba + 1 part grape seed

For Acne - Prone Skin

1 part grape seed  + 1 part jojoba


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