A Daily Dose of Vitamin D

A couple months ago I went to get my annual checkup and found out I had a vitamin D deficiency. To cure the problem, my Doctor told me to take Vitamin D. I think the real cure for me is spending more time outside in the sun:

  • Start the day off with the sun and run outside in the morning. In the winter at least I see the sun come up when I’m done.
  • Midday I go for a quick walk around the block to get some fresh air. This doesn’t happen often, but even 10 minutes outside makes a difference.
  • Weekends I try to do my long runs and spend as much time walking outside when the weather is good.  

The sun ages the skin so it’s important to wear sunscreen if you will be outside for long periods of time, but in small daily doses, it can be very beneficial for the body and mind. 

And I do take my daily dose of Vitamin D. 

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